Welcome to Gosport Ice Skating Club

The official website for Gosport Ice Skating Club

We're a local skating club based in Gosport Hampshire who skate at Planet Ice's Gosport Arena.

We welcome all ages and anyone over Gold level.

We run competitions and events throughout the year.


Club Times


Junior - 16.30 to 18.00

Senior - 17.45 to 20.00


Senior - 08.30 to 10.00

Please support one of our members Kate Blake in her Pretty Mudder Race for Life to raise money for Prostate Cancer Research:

Kate Blakes Just Giving Donation Page :)

Upcoming Events

23rd May 2015

Free Skating and Precision 4’s

13th June 2015

Summer Gala

(Charity /Fundraising)

27th June 2015

IoW v Gosport InterClub @ Gosport

11th July 2015


Solo – Between 2 & 2 ½ min

2, 3, & 4’s – Between 2 ½ & 3 min

Group (min 6 persons) – 3 min

5th September 2015



12th September 2015

Len Liggett Memorial Trophy

26th September 2015

Under level 1 Spin Spiral Jump

Over 18’s Spin Spiral Jump

& Paul Crocker Improvisation Competition