Welcome to Gosport Ice Skating Club

This is the official website for Gosport Ice Skating Club

We are a local skating club based in Gosport, Hampshire who skate at the Planet Ice Arena in Gosport

We welcome all ages and anyone over Gold level.

In addition to regular Club sessions we run competitions and events throughout the year.


Club Times

Upcoming Events

Competition forms can be downloaded from the left-hand side on our Home page or downloaded from our Facebook page

1st September 2017

Annual General Meeting

2nd September 2017

RIDL Final @ Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre

16th September 2017

Spin Spiral Jump (Under Level 1 and Over 18s) competition

30th September 2017

Elements and Free competition

7th October 2017

RIDL Final - Streatham

11th November 2017 (to be confirmed)

GISC Field Moves and Free Dance competition

27th January 2018 (tbc)

Solo Dance and Free Dance and Couples Dance competition

24th March 2018 (tbc)

Free Skating and Precision 4s competition

21st April 2018 (tbc)

RIDL @ Gosport

19th May 2018 (tbc)

Artistic competition

23rd June 2018 (tbc)

Pairs Dance (Bunce Trophy)

Drawn Partners (Edmunds Trophy)

Paul Crocker Improvisation Competition

1st July 2018 (tbc)

National Team Challenge - Guildford

7th September 2018

Annual General Meeting