Club Constitution

Constitution of Gosport Ice Skating Club


1.1. The club shall be known as ‘Gosport Ice Skating Club’.

1.2. The purpose of the club shall be the promotion and cultivation of all forms of ice-skating especially Dance, Figures, Free and Synchronised skating.

1.3. The Club shall be affiliated to the National Ice Skating Association of UK Ltd (NISA), whose rules shall be observed at all times.

1.4. The Club year shall be defined as beginning on the 2nd September and ending on the 1st September in the following year.

1.5. The club shall adopt where practicable any Child Protection Procedures and Policy issued by NISA. This policy will be issued as a separate document.

1.6. The club shall have a Safety Policy. This policy will be issued as a separate document.


2.1. The Club shall consist of a membership from the following categories:

2.1.1. FULL MEMBERSHIP, which will carry the entitlement to participate in all activities, provided by or for the Club

2.1.2. ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP (NON-SKATING), which will be available to those who wish to offer support and commitment to the Club, as a committee member or who wish to sponsor the training of one or more Members.

2.1.3. HONORARY MEMBERSHIP,which may be offered to those who have rendered exceptional service to the Club and be awarded at the discretion of the committee.

2.1.4.TEMPORARY MEMBERSHIP, a club member may sponsor a guest on payment of a fee set under Rule 2.10; temporary membership is defined as ‘one session of club ice’, and can only be offered to a person on five occasions in each club year, after which the person must join as either: A Full member or Junior Member, dependent upon that person’s age and skating standard, and pay the appropriate fee. The sponsor is to be present whilst the guest is using club ice.

2.2. Full membership shall be for eligible persons as defined by the National Ice Skating Association and of a skating standard decided by the committee.

2.3. Applications for all membership types shall be considered by the committee who shall reserve the right to refuse membership without giving reason.

2.4. Temporary membership shall be entitled to use the club ice and off-ice facilities only.

2.5. All members by their acceptance of membership accept and agree to be bound by this Constitution, and Rules of the Club.

2.6. Full members shall pay a monthly subscription, due on the 1st of each month, at a rate determined from time to time by the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure all payments due by them to the club are up to date and paid by the required date.

2.7. Temporary Membership fees and other costs mentioned above will be set at a rate determined from time to time by the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting.

2.8. A Subscription shall not be levied on Honorary Members.

2.9. Members will forfeit their membership rights if their subscription payments are two months or more in arrears. The Committee can suspend a member who is in arrears, for a period of time or exclude the member dependent upon the circumstances on a case by case basis; consistent with rule 3.1

2.10. A refund of all or part of a member’s subscription will not be available in any circumstances.

2.11. Synchronised team members are required to be Full members of the Gosport Ice Skating Club.

2.12. Synchronised skaters will forfeit their Synchronised membership rights if monthly subscription payments are two months or more in arrears. The Synchronised Committee can suspend a synchronised skating member who is in arrears, for a period of time or exclude the member dependent upon the circumstances on a case by case basis.

2.13. Additional Synchronised monthly subs are to be paid into Bank Account set up by Synchronised Committee; then transferred monthly to Club’s Main Bank Account.


3.1. The Club Shall allow the Committee to discipline any member in accordance with Rule 3.2, and any such disciplinary action can range from Suspension of one week’s attendance at Club sessions, to Expulsion from the club.

3.1.1. The committee is to meet within a reasonable time of the incident, to discuss this matter and its decision is by simple majority.

3.2. The committee shall have the power to discipline any member for an alleged offence that, in the committee’s opinion, the member has either:

3.2.1. Brought or is likely to bring the club into disrepute.

3.2.2. Failed to abide by the constitution and or rules of the club.

3.2.3. Committed an offence against another person at this or another club affiliated to NISA.

3.2.4. Been refused membership, expelled or suspended from another Club or Venue where children participate.

3.2.5. Been found guilty of a criminal offence likely to be of concern to the general safety or reputation of the club or its members.

3.3. The committee shall have the power to suspend a person, who may be disciplined by rule 3.1, for up to 3 months without need for the person to attend any hearing and is without appeal. This suspension can be given verbally by the appointed committee member.

3.4. The committee shall have the power to suspend a person, who may be disciplined by rule 3.1, and where disciplinary action under rule 3.3 has been discussed by the committee and is deemed not sufficient. This suspension shall continue until the full committee uphold any disciplinary hearing and any subsequent appeal.

3.5. Any suspended member, whose disciplinary action is likely to exceed 3 month, can have a disciplinary hearing, heard by a panel of the Club Committee. This panel must include the Chairman or Vice-Chairman and Secretary. The Disciplinary hearing will ask for a written statement of the events leading to the suspension from the suspended person. The panel will gather , if necessary, such evidence so as to allow them to make a reasoned and fair judgement. The suspended person may, if they wish, attend this hearing to put their case to the panel. The person may, after giving written notice, bring a representative not involved in this matter to either speak for them or act as a witness of the hearing, if the suspended person is under 18 then that person’s representative is to be the Parent or Guardian. The disciplinary action decided upon by the panel will be given by written notification, issued by the Secretary and posted to the person’s address (address of the parent/guardian if the person is under 18).

3.6. The full committee will hear the decision of the disciplinary panel and reason for it, and uphold any disciplinary action, pending any subsequent appeal.

3.7. A Member expelled or suspended for more than 3 months, has the right to appeal against that disciplinary action. The following rules apply:

3.7.1. A request for an appeal must be made in writing to the Club Secretary within 7 days of receipt of written notification of the disciplinary action.

3.7.2. Within 7 days of such a request, the Club secretary will advise the member, in writing, of the Time, Venue and Date of the appeal hearing.

3.7.3. The Appeals Panel will consist of committee members not part of the original disciplinary hearing panel and the Chairman or Vice-Chairman whoever was not on the original panel, and the Club Secretary.

3.7.4. The Chair of the appeal panel may call on any evidence already received or any other person deemed necessary.

3.7.5. No more than one representative for the member may attend and if the member is under 18 then that member’s parent or guardian must be the representative. If the member wishes to appoint a legal representative, written notice must be given to the Club Secretary a minimum of 7 days prior to the hearing.

3.7.6. The Appeals Panel’s decision will be deemed final. The Club Secretary will advise the member of the result of the Appeal in writing within 7 days of the hearing.

3.7.7. The full committee will hear the Appeal Panel’s decision and reason for it, and uphold any disciplinary action.

3.7.8. Exceptionally, the committee shall have the power to expel a person who may be disciplined by rule 3.1, and where rule 3.2.5. is concerned; then a written letter informing the member they have been expelled from the club is deemed sufficient. No appeal is allowed.


4.1. The Club may invite visitors to use club ice in support of club events and competitions.

4.2. Guests may enjoy the Club facilities for up to three Club skating sessions subject to para 2.1.6 or at the discretion of a Club Committee Member and on payment of the appropriate fees.

4.3. Guests and Visitors will comply with all of the Club’s rules and orders that apply whilst in club ice.

4.4. Guests must hold at least the minimum standard required for Club membership.

4.5. The sponsor of the guest is responsible for passing on contact details and fees due.

5.1. The management and control of the Club shall be vested in the Annual General Meeting, Special General Meeting, the committees and the Officers.

6.1. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in September each year. The Secretary shall give Twenty-one days notice of the date, time and venue by notice displayed on the Club notice board and/or by direct mailing to voting members.

6.2. Motions and other items for the inclusion in the agenda shall be submitted to the Secretary no later than Fourteen days before the Annual General Meeting Date. An agenda will be published by the Secretary not less then seven days prior to the meeting date including the provision to:

6.2.1. Confirm the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting and notice to the minutes of any intervening Special General Meeting.

6.2.2. Receive the Financial Statement, The Annual General report and the current membership position.

6.2.3. Elect the Officers, Auditors, and committee in accordance with rule 6.2.4.

6.2.4. Elect a minimum of four and a maximum of six additional members to be determined by the result of a single poll. Two Auditors, not being Officers or Committee members, shall be elected. Each voting member may cast a single vote for each position in the election.

6.2.5. Vote on motions, not covered by rule 15, which shall be determined by a simple majority of members present and voting.


7.1. Special General Meetings may be convened either by the committee or at the written request of not less than 20 members or 20% of the membership whichever is less.

7.2. All members shall be entitled to attend the meeting, and vote subject to the provisions of rule 9.1.

7.3. The Secretary shall give at least seven days notice of the meeting indicating the date, time, venue and agenda by display of the Clubs notice board and/or by direct mailing to voting members.

7.4. When a Special General Meeting is requested by the members, and the Committee fail to notify the members within Twenty-one days giving date, time, venue and purpose of the Special General Meeting, the members may themselves convene the Special General Meeting in accordance with these rules.

7.5. No other business may be transacted at a Special General Meeting except as agreed by a two-thirds majority of the voting members present.


8.1. Between Annual General Meetings, the management and control of the Club shall be vested in a committee comprising of the Officers and at least four and not more than a quorum of 15% other members, in the range of 4 to 8. The officers will determine and decide the actual number of committee members within the range highlighted. The Officers shall be Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Competition Secretary.

8.2. All Committee members shall be twenty-oneyears of age and over and shall hold as a minimum, Associate membership paid up to date.

8.3. The Committee shall have the power to:

8.3.1. Co-opt additional members in an advisory capacity or to fill vacancies that occur during its term in office

8.3.2. Prescribe the function of any subcommittee it may appoint.

8.3.3. Set fees for competitions, temporary membership and other occasions not covered by other rules.

8.3.4. Rule on any matter where this Constitution is silent.

8.3.5. Committee members may resign by giving notice in writing to the Secretary at any time being replaced in accordance with rule 8.3.1.

8.3.6. The Committee may at their discretion co-opt any person for a specific purpose or function on a temporary basis. Such a co-opted person shall have no voting rights or Committee rights except for the function that the person was specifically co-opted for.

8.4. The Committee shall meet on a regular basis. The Secretary shall record and maintain minutes. Minutes of these meetings are available for viewing by Club Members, on request, from the Club Secretary. Minutes made under rule 3, and its subsections, are available only to current committee members.


9.1. Voting at Annual or Special General Meetings shall be restricted to:

9.1.1. Full members who are sixteen years of age or over.

9.1.2. One vote per Full member who is under the age of sixteen, which may be cast by a parent or guardian.

9.1.3. Votes may be cast by proxy subject to rule 9.6

9.2. Voting at Annual and Special General Meetings shall be in accordance with rule 9.1 and by a show of hands unless a ballot is decided or before any question is put. A simple majority except in the case of an amendment to the Constitution in which case the provisions of rule 15 shall apply and shall determine decisions, the (acting) Chairman shall only have a casting vote, to be cast in the event of equality voting.

9.3. Meetings shall have sufficient members to form a quorum and decisions may only be taken if the following minimum attendance of members is achieved:

9.3.1. Annual General Meetings - 20 voting members or 20% whichever is less including two officers.

9.3.2. Special General Meetings - 20 voting members or 20% whichever is less including two officers except when the SGM has been called under rule 7.3, in which case the presence of two officers is not essential.

9.3.3. Committee Meetings - 50% of the committee to include the Chairman or Vice Chairman.

9.4. Decisions of the Committee shall be by simple majority. The Chairman shall only have a casting vote, to be cast in the event of equality voting.

9.5. All decisions properly executed by the committee in good faith and with the expressed or implied authority of the Club shall be binding upon the Club and each individual member of the Club.

9.6. The Chairman with the approval of the Committee may only cast proxy votes if the Secretary receives seven days notice of these votes.


10.1. Any proposal voted on and adopted at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting shall take immediate effect unless otherwise specified in the proposal.


11.1. The financial year of the Club shall be the 1st April to 31st March following, and the Treasurer and Committee shall administer all Club funds.

11.2. A banking account shall be opened in the name of the Club. The authorised signatories on the Club cheques shall be the Treasurer plus up to three other Committee member authorised by the Committee.

11.3. The Treasurer shall: -

11.3.1. Be responsible for the collection and payment of all Moines.

11.3.2. Keep account of all income and expenditure and shall submit an audited Statement of Accounts to each Annual General Meeting.

11.3.3. Notify the balance of Club funds to each Committee meeting.

11.3.4. Have the accounts audited each year; The Committee shall present these accounts to the Annual General Meeting after approval.

11.4. The members of the Committee shall take no action either jointly or severally, which shall cause the Clubs liability for the year to exceed the total of the Clubs income for the year, excepting only by specific resolution at an Annual or Special General Meeting.


12.1. All assets acquired by the Club shall belong to the Full members of the Club.

12.2. No member shall have an assignable or transferable interest in any property of the Club by reason of the membership only.


13.1. The selection of all teams called upon to represent the Club shall be approved by the Committee who shall ensure as far as possible that all members get an equal opportunity to participate subject to the ability of each.

13.2. The Committee cannot and will not enter into any correspondence concerning those matters in paragraph 13.1 above

13.3. The Competition Secretary may arrange Inter-Club competitions at all levels with similar Ice Skating Clubs throughout the Country.


14.1. Officers and Committee members and members of any subcommittees shall not be liable, other than as Club members, for any loss suffered by the Club as a result of the performance of their duties on the Clubs behalf, except for such loss as arises from their wilful default.

14.2. Club Committee Members having reasonable travelling expenses incurred as a requirement of attending Meetings as an Authorised Club Representative shall be paid out of club funds, providing these costs were estimated and notified to the Club Committee, and approved prior to attending such meetings.

14.3. Any reasonable stationary costs incurred by a Club Committee member shall be paid out of club funds, providing these costs were estimated and notified to the Club Committee, and approved prior to these costs being incurred.

14.4. Any other purchases made on behalf of the Club shall have prior approval of the Club Committee.

14.5. All purchases, costs and travelling expenses shall be supported by a receipt, clearly giving all necessary details of the expense incurred.


15.1. Any proposal to change this Constitution must be presented to the Committee at least fourteen days before the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting at which approval is required by two-thirds majority of voting members.

15.2. A proposition to dissolve the Club shall only be moved at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting convened expressly for this purpose and then only by majority of three-quarters of those present entitled to vote.

15.3. On dissolution the Committee shall ensure that all assets of the Club are realised at a realistic market value. Any outstanding debtor shall be treated equally to an allocation of any funds, and thereafter in any balance remains this shall be divided equally between those Full Members who were fully paid up at the time of the dissolution.