Club Etiquette

Below are our current club etiquette rules.

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These rules apply to ALL persons who visit the Club, not just Skaters.

• All persons attending club events are covered by our Club Rules & Policies
• The Skater is responsible for the behaviour and conduct of their family members and guests who have come to watch or support them.
• Inappropriate behaviour by anybody will not be tolerated and it will affect a club skater being allowed to skate.

The following Guidelines are not exhaustive.
Good manners should prevail.
Remember the ice is for ALL those entitled to use it.

1. When you are not actively skating please keep to the barrier or, ideally, go off-ice

2. Entry and Exit to or from the ice pad is by the proper gates, not by climbing over the barrier.

3. You should be aware of the skaters who are practising jumps, spins or other unsighted moves, and try to keep the jump / spin area and the area nearby clear in case the skater falls etc.

4. If a skater is doing their program, even without audible music, every effort should be made to allow the skater to do this.

5. If a skater is doing their program with music you should endeavour to keep out of their way.

6. If a coach is taking a lesson then that skater should be afforded extra room for their practice to give them confidence that they are not going to collide with another skater.

7. Be aware of those skaters who are not as good as you and make provision for them (they may not realise they are in the way).

8. Encourage and mentor those skaters who are less experienced than you; but do not teach bad habits.

9. A ‘Please’ or ‘Sorry’ helps keep the rink friendly.

10. Common sense prevails in all situations - remember, the other skater also wants to skate.

11. Junior Club is there for junior members.

12. Your behaviour off-ice is just as important; try not to distract other members by your actions, remember it is a skating rink first and a social event second.

13. Any grievance should be sorted out amicably by you. If this is not possible then a committee member is to be informed.

14. Do not scuff or kick the ice in temper.

15. Unless you are hurt, do not stay down on the ice following a fall. Get up and out of the way as quickly as possible.

The Committee