Crocker improvisation 2019

Paul Crocker Improvisation competition

The improvisation is a competition based on artistic interpretation of the music the skaters are presented with on the day of the competition.  Those entered into the improvisation will be taken to a changing room and the music will be played on a loop for 10 minutes.  This gives all the skaters time to think about how and what they will do on the ice.  The music is then turned off and the first skater will be called to skate.

Apart from a warm-up time, once music has started no skaters will be allowed out of the rooms until their name is called.  When the entry list and skate order are published, the names for the improvisation competition will be in alphabetical order, NOT draw order.

More emphasis is being placed on the ACTING / ARTISTIC / PRESENTATION of the skate rather than the technical ability.  Dress to be of non-descript nature - no theme based costumes or props are permitted.

The classes for this competition are:

Class 1 – Under level one – 1 minute skate to pre-set music

The 2018 competition theme for this group is: The Toys Are Alive!

When you’re not around the toys come to life! You could be a doll, a soft toy, a super hero or any toy you know of, let’s see what you get up to!!

Class 2 – Level 1 and over – 1 min skate to pre-set music

The 2018 competition theme for this group is: Freak Show!

The weirdly wonderful show of Mr and Mrs Misfits! It could be scary? It could be funny? It could be like nothing you have ever seen before!