Elements & Free Competition

Elements & Free Competition

Please Note, your level is based on the highest level you HOLD in either Free or Elements (Free Skate)

Class 1 - Under Level One

Three Jump,  Forward Spiral, Upright Spin, & 1 ½ min programme

Class 2 - Level One

Salchow, Back Spiral, Sit-Spin, & 1 ½ min programme

Class 3 - Level Two

Loop Jump, Parallel Spin, Salcow, & 1 ½ min programme

Class 4 - Level Three

Loop Jump, Parallel Spin, Salcow, & 2 min programme

Class 5 - Level Four and Five

Axel, Change-foot Spin, A single jump combination consisting of only 2 jumps, & 2 ½ min programme

Class 6 - Level Six and Seven

Double Salchow, Change-foot Spin, A single jump combination consisting of only 2 jumps, & 3 min programme

Class 7 - Level Eight and Nine

Jump combination consisting of at Least 2 Double Jumps, Combination Spin, Double Axel,  &

Level 8:  Ladies 3 min programme                                                                              Level 8:  Men 3 ½ min programme

Level 9:  Ladies 3 ½ min programme                                                                          Level 9:  Men 4 min programme

Class 8 - Level Ten and Over

Jump combination consisting of: At Least 2 Double or Triple Jumps, Double Axel, Combination Spin, &

Ladies 4 min programme                                                                                                    Men 4 ½ min programme


Please email your Entry Form to: GISC@live.co.uk - or Hand Application Form to a committee member

Closing date for entries is:  2 weeks prior to Event                                                 Draw will take place at the rink:      1 week prior to event


PLEASE NOTE: Elements are selected as appropriate to the Classes. Each skater will do a programme relative to their level, NISA Technical requirements should be used as a guide, remember the skater should produce a BALANCED programme to their current ability.

NOTE: You are only allowed to enter at the level you have passed – The Competition Secretary will then place you in the appropriate class (e.g. A level 6 skater: this skater will be entered into Class 6).

Thank you, The Committee