Joining Club

What level do I need to be to join?

Members need to have passed Skate UK Level 8 (or Level 10 if using the older Skate UK Levels) or Skate Excellence Level 8 or an equivalent assessment level.

Who is on the committee rep/who do I need to contact?

Committee members are listed on the following page 

How can I contact the club?

The club can be contacted formally via its e-mail address gisc@live.co.uk

When does the club meet?

Club session times and dates are listed on the following page 

How much does it cost?

From 1st March 2020, the subscription costs for membership are as follows:

Silver Membership is £30 per calendar month.

Gold Membership is £50 per calendar month (benefits of Silver Membership but also includes Synchro membership).

Basic Membership consists of an annual Club subscription fee of £50 which entitles the member to take part in Club Competitions, Galas and standard Club session on a 'pay as you go' basis. Current fixed charges are £20 per competition, £20 per gala and £10 per standard Club session.

All membership charges are reviewed annually and agreed at the Annual General Meeting each September.

What ages and abilities are catered for by Club?

Club Members range in age from ages 8 to well over pensionable age (!).  All Club Members meet the minimum entry level (see above)  and can go up to NISA level 10. Several members skate in Open and national competitions including the British Championships.

How do I join?

Gosport Ice Skating Club has a dedicated Membership site here

Club Values / Rules

Where can I find a guide to the Club's etiquette guidelines for members?

The Etiquette guidelines can be found on this page

Where do I find the Club's Constitution?

Please follow this link


What are the different types of skating at the club?

The club supports figure skating (including artistic performance), ice dance and synchronised skating.

What do I have to wear for club/competitions?

For normal Club sessions many club members choose to wear the Club Jacket which is a high quality garment purchasable from the Club at reasonable cost. There is no formal dress code, although we do suggest that leggings and long sleeved tops are worn.  This allows ease of movement and provides a little protection from falls!


What club competitions are held each year and where can I find out further details?

We host 8/9 internal club competitions a year. Upcoming competitions are listed on the Events/Competitions page and there are also links to pages outlining the relevant criteria for specific competitions as well as entry forms.

As a member, do I have to enter competitions?

Entry to Club competitions is voluntary and free for Silver and Gold members.

Synchronised skating (otherwise known as Synchro)

What is it?

Information about the Gosport Synchro Skating Teams can be found here - you can also find information on the following Facebook page

When is it?

On-ice practice sessions take place on Saturday mornings from 5.45 am to 8.00 am. There are also regular off-ice sessions on Tuesday evenings.

How much is it?

You have to be a Gold member of GISC to join Synchro.  An additional separate subscription fee is payable to Synchro – this helps cover the non-ice costs including coaches, costumes, competition entries etc.

If you want to try out Synchro on a no obligation basis, then you may enjoy a 4 week "taster" for free, skating with the current teams during their Saturday morning practice sessions. There are occasional taster sessions during standard Club sessions.

Is it part of club?


How is Synchro funded?

Synchro is funded through the subscription for the competitions, costumes, coaches etc. The ice time and insurances come under the GISC member fees. Other funds are raised through sponsorship and special fund-raising activities carried out in the community.

How do I enquire about joining a Synchro Team?

You may direct any enquiries in relation to synchronised skating to the e-mail address gosportsynchrocommittee@hotmail.co.uk


Who are they?

The current Committee members are listed on this page

What do they do?

The Committee are responsible for the day to day management and control of the Club.

How may I join committee?

Elections to the Committee are held annually at the Club AGM which takes place in early September. Where vacancies arise during the year, the Committee may co-opt additional members.

How much time should I be prepared to put in as a Committee member?

The time may vary depending upon whether you have a specific management responsibility on the Committee. The Committee meets once a month and Committee members would normally expect to assist in carrying out specific responsibilities during Club competitions.

Do Committee Members get paid?

All Committee members are unpaid and give their time voluntarily.