Free Skating & Precision 4s Competitions

Free Skating

For restrictions please look at NISA ‘Technical Figure Requirements’- (June 2014)

You can skate any element that is allowed for the Class entered.

Skaters can only enter the class in which they have passed the levels it covers,

(e.g. to enter Class 4, you must hold level 4 or 5).

Remember the basic idea is “Skaters must perform a well balanced program”

At present, field moves are not counted in deciding your level (this is reviewed every year) – you can only enter in 1 class


Class 1 - Under Level One (not to hold Level 1 in Elements or Free)

1½ min Programme


Class 2 - Level Two & Under (not to hold Level 3 in Elements or Free)

1½ min Programme


Class 3 - Level Three (not to hold Level 4 in Elements or Free)

2 min Programme


Class 4 - Level Five & Under (not to hold Level 6 in Elements or Free)

2½ min Programme


Class 5 - Level Seven & Under (not to hold Level 8 in Elements or Free)

3 min Programme


Class 6 - Level Eight & Nine (not to hold Level 10 in Elements or Free)

Ladies  Minimum 3 min; Maximum 3½ min programme

Men  Minimum 3½ min; Maximum 4 min programme


Class 7 - Level Ten & Over (Must hold Level 10 in Elements or Free)

Ladies 4 min programme

Men 4½ min programme

Precision 4’s

(No levels, skaters only allowed in one team)

A Team of 4 skaters, Maximum 2½ minute Programme

To include at least the following:

1 block; 1 line – to cover at least ¾ of rink length; 1 wheel and 1 circle.

Any spin, jump or movement must include a minimum of 2 persons for it to count as a precision move

Music may contain vocals (provided they are suitable for the programme)


Thank you, The Committee