Music Machine Rule

The following is the procedure for the playing of programme music using the club music machine during Junior & Senior Club times.

You can download a copy of this policy here

A white board will be placed next to the music player.

The procedure is as follows:

      • You put your name on the board when you want to join the queue.
      • When it is your turn, you rub your name out when you put your music on.
      • If you then wish to play your music again you write your name at the bottom of the queue (after your music has finished playing).
      • Your name can only appear on the list once (so no double booking), and nobody can rub out anyone's name but their own.
      • If you are a skater in a lesson, then you still put your name on the list as above; but you are allowed (during the lesson) to jump the queue. However you can only put your name back on the list after your lesson.
      • This applies to both Junior & Senior Club sessions.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in you being excluded from using the CD player for a period of time.

This procedure is intended to be self-regulating; it will be monitored and reviewed as required.

The Committee