Music Machine Rule

The following is the new rule for playing of cds in the club music machine during Junior & Senior Club times (Saturday night club only at present).

As you may be aware, the committee have been looking at ways of making the playing of music on the CD player run more smoothly.

To this end it has been decided that, instead of lining CD's up, we will use a white board so that you can just write your name on that.

The system will be:

You put your name on the board when you want to join the queue.

When it is your turn, you rub your name out when you put your music on.

If you then wish to play your music again you write your name at the bottom of the queue (after your music has finished playing), quite simple really.

Your name can only appear on the list once (so no double booking), and nobody can rub out anyone's name but their own.

If a skater is in a lesson, then you still put your name on the list as above; but you are allowed (during the lesson) to jump the queue. You can only put your name back on the list after your lesson.

This applies to both All Junior Session & Senior Free & Dance sessions.
When you put your name up during dance, you either put on your dance music or a compulsory, not both.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in you being excluded from using the CD player for a period of time.

This procedure is intended to be self-regulating; and will be monitored and reviewed as required.

The Committee