Process for Junior Club members to move to Senior Club

There are 4 ways that a Junior Club skater may qualify to move to Senior Club membership.

  1. The skater reaches his/her 17th birthday.
  2. The skater skates in both synchro teams or moves directly into the senior team.
  3. The skater achieves at least Level 1 grade across all test components in a discipline (figure or dance).
  4. The skater achieves Level 1 in Field Moves and his/her coach emails GISC Committee requesting that the skater be allowed to skate in Senior Club.

Please note that 1 and 2 above are compulsory moves while 3 and 4 require an application to be made to Committee and acceptance is not automatic. All skaters wishing to move up to Senior Club will be required to undergo a rink test designed to test the skater’s basic skills and safety awareness. All skaters who pass that test are then invited to start a 3 month trial period in Senior Club. This allows time for the skater to be assessed regarding his/her suitability for being a member of Senior Club as well as giving the skater the opportunity to judge whether he/she is happy skating at the Senior Level.

Junior Club skaters who have reached the levels in 3 and 4 may choose not to apply for Senior Club membership and carry on skating as Junior members but should be aware that some skating moves are not permitted at Junior Club Level for safety reasons - the example given most frequently is the axel jump.

The information above can be downloaded as a document here.