Skating Up In Competitions

New Rule regarding ‘Skating Up’

The Committee have decided to bring club competitions closer in line with the NISA rules; the following rule will be added to all competitions where it is necessary.

You are only allowed to enter a competition at the level you have passed.

Where a class has more than 1 level, then you will be entered into the appropriate class. If required to combine classes, the Competition Secretary will place you into the appropriate class.

PLEASE NOTE: A skater should produce a BALANCED programme to their current ability, relative to their level passed.

The levels for each Class in competitions; are selected as appropriate, taking account of the Club’s requirements and NISA Technical requirements.

For Club Competitions, Only Elements, Free skate and Dance levels are taken into account.
Field moves are not considered when deciding Class / Level to be entered

Any Skater who has previously skated up in competitions will compete at the level they have passed, regardless of how many times they had previously skated up.

The above changes will become effective from 1st May 2012.
Where required, Individual Competition Rules will be amended to reflect this change.

The Committee