Social Media Policies

The following information is our advice and guidelines for Social Media sites with regard to Gosport Ice Skating Club.

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Social Media Policy concerning Gosport Ice Skating Club

Due to several incidents over the last year that have caused upset to members, the Gosport Ice Skating Club Committee would like to remind our members that these sites are not condoned nor controlled by the Club.

Whilst we (The Club) cannot control comments made on Social Network Sites by members and other skaters, we do not condone offensive comments or derogatory or inflammatory words especially if they are linked to the Club or its Members.

But, unfortunately, any comments made on Social Network Sites are literally out of the control of the club. However membership of the club and guest attendance at club events is at the discretion of the committee, therefore if upsetting comments are made your membership could be revoked or not renewed, and we may not allow you to attend club events as a guest. Guests, including those skating, are also required to adhere to club rules and etiquette.

Parents and Skaters are reminded that most sites operate a complaints policy and any complaints about content have to be addressed to the controllers of these sites.

Members of GISC are also reminded that Facebook has an age restriction of 13 years and above and parental control is always advised if you are permitting your young person to access these sites. Skaters are reminded to consider what their 'friends' can see on their profile and are asked to be especially considerate if you are adding younger members of the club.

Please also be aware that if photographs are posted and then tags added this may open the photo up to others for comment. You should only post your personal result, if other skater’s results are posted on media sites the committee may need to think about how we publish results within the club.

Please remember there is always the option to 'unclick' a 'friend' if a comment causes offence so you will not see any future comments made by that person and ultimately you can always stop using the sites.

Finally, we would like to remind all skaters and parents that only photographs taken in public areas at the rink may be shared on Facebook. Consider privacy settings when uploading photos and be aware that you may be sharing them with ‘everyone’.

REMEMBER - if you cannot say something pleasant, then say nothing.

The Committee